Wrong Reason

January 7, 2009
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I thought I knew
Everything about why
That it all was something
I understood, that I could comprehend

I had the reason
I could see it right there
And I deemed it to be true
I believed it

I thought I knew the reason
It was right there,
Straight in my face
I accepted it,

I took it in
Because it was the most acceptable reason,
I didn’t look,
At all the other reasons there could have been

I just decided I knew why,
It sounded so true
It was logical
It was right on cue

I jumped to conclusions
I thought that was it
It changed how I thought
I knew that was it

But it just took one minute
And it changed it all
That reason was wrong

And all that I thought
Was wrong
And I felt so stupid,
To dismiss all the reasons
But this one that stood out

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