Life Changer

January 7, 2009
By Anonymous

She's mad,
but I don't know why
She hates me,
but i know I'm the better person
Am I?
Did i really hurt her that bad that she's treating me the same way?
I may never find out
She dosen't talk to me
Pretends i don't excist
Talks about me behind my back
Even when I'm around
Thinks i can't hear what she's saying,
but shes so wrong
I hear everything she says
Many things I wish I didn't
I know this is never going to change
She hates me and I can't do anything about it
I say sorry
She sticks up her nose and walks away
Doesn't care what I say,
wishes we never met
People change but,
I didn't think they would this fast
Such a short time
She treats people badly,
except her bffs
Aparently I wasn't one of them
If she really wanted to be my friend we would of made up by now
She says she loses friends alot,
but doesn't know why
I could tell her
I know you will lose friends and make new ones
By the way shes acting
I'm not so sure
Inside I feels sorry for her
Had friends she chose to give up
Even if they were great
Hangs out with people she thinks are her friends
She chose the wrong crowd to go around with
I'm done playing her games
If she thinks I'm going to crumble down
Think again
I'm going to go on with life
With or with out her
All i know is that I'll make the right choise
Choose the right path
I'll go on into the futur
Even if she's not in it
I'll be alright

The author's comments:
If your going threw this or already have I know you will alright just like I am. I got this inspiration from my real life,at school,things get rough but we live threw them. I know you will just like I have

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