January 7, 2009
By Riley Weber, Arnold, MD

I look down at my old home
As the plane gains altitude
I probably won't see it again
I'm in a foul mood

A teardrop travels down my face
But soon it's wiped away
I reminisce and recollect
And wish that I could stay

Soon the plane is in the clouds
As is my tired brain
I've been awake since 3 AM
It's driving me insane

I doze on out but still I dream
Of friends and days at school
But once again I must leave
This cycle seems so cruel

Woken up I sigh a bit
It was just a dream
But I am still in this plane
It tears me at the seams

One last glimpse and fair goodbyes
New sorrows fill my head
I just remembered it again
I have to make new friends

That's not all, of course it's not
Forgot about new schools
New temperatures and different views
Do they have different rules?

Guess what? I'm gonna move again
Who cares, it's all the same
I always know it's not my fault
The navy is to blame

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