One Storm, One Love

January 7, 2009
By Jacob Roberts, Bronx, NY

One Storm, One Love

As two flowers cast adrift,
Upon an endless sea,
So has chance so cruelly tried,
To separate you from me.
The snow-capped waves of earthly time,
Have tried to take what you called mine.
The ebb and flow of tides,
As the ebb and flow of years,
Seek to turn our joys to sorrows,
And change our love to tears.
The moon shines rays upon the rippling seas,
As the sunshine of your smile,
Stirs the heart in me.
They say nothing's deeper than the ocean,
But I say our love can be.
If we just keep on loving,
It will set our spirits free.
At dawn when the sun rises,
From its watery grave,
So does the song of love in me,
Burst through every wave,
Until you finally hear my voice,
And listen to my song,
Then I'll look into your eyes,
And there I'll find the dawn.
As two flowers cast adrift upon an endless sea,
So has the storm we've bravely weathered,
Shown you're the one for me.
No matter where the currents lead,
Our love will bring us through.
And more than that I cannot say,
It shows what love can do.

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