Secret Stares

January 7, 2009

I couldn’t help but stare
At his perfect smile
As he sang his songs
While moving across the stage
Telling his deepest secrets
To a room full of strangers.

Sharing the magic with the strangers
As we couldn’t help but stare,
We all learned his secrets.
Our glowing faces grew a smile
As we gave our attention to the stage
Patiently waiting for more songs.

He played our favorite songs
That seemed more than strange
As everyone was glued to the stage
And couldn’t help but stare
That caused him and the whole room to smile
Because he knew we heard his secrets.

He offered us more secrets
Through his personal songs.
He gave us all a smile
Knowing we were strangers
And we couldn’t help but stare
At every body that stood on the stage.

He stood there on the stage
While he explained all his secrets,
We couldn’t help but stare
As he completed his songs.
We became more than strangers
And comfortably smiled.

He gave us one last smile
While he stood on the stage
Staring at these strangers
Knowing he gave up all his secrets
Through his marvelous songs,
He couldn’t help but stare.

The strangers left with a memorable smile,
Not a stare was left to the permanent stage,
We left with his secrets that lived in his songs.

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