Old Soul

January 6, 2009
A smile that brightens the sun
Emerging on the face of a beautiful girl.
A heart that brings warmth to everyone,
Endless love, precious as a peal.
Who would believe she is seventeen?
Although a small number in years,
What a complete human being.
And tenderness brings sadness and tears
As she waits at the finish line,
While her peers all lag behind.
Not quite sure of her role,
Emptiness for this old soul.
Like a ghost, she walks through the halls of her school;
Invisible, crash, her lunch is on the floor,
Teased and deceived, feeling like a fool,
Tries to escape gossip and verbal wars.
Stay late after fifth hour in room 203,
A daily conversation with math teachers,
She wonders why it could be
She enjoys the company of them over her peers.
Still self-doubting the definition of her role,
Loneliness and discomfort for this old soul.
Anger rising from insensitivity,
No respect for her feelings,
Ignorant friends, such a pity,
Feeling abnormal and unable to fit into a role,
A search occurs in vain for this old soul.

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