January 6, 2009
By Birdie GOLD, Ivins, Utah
Birdie GOLD, Ivins, Utah
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The willow sat majestically on the hill,
the sunset blazing from behind,
sending a dazzling array of light
onto its fine leaves;
the branches curling
swaying in the breeze.
You watch silently as a silhouette
a fluttering bird
dips beneath the boughs.
The sun flees,
the clouds turning to tinged pink
you've been holding your breath,
as if expecting the sound of your heavy lungs
to make it all vanish.
Curling in the grass below you,
hugging your knees to your chest,
watching an ant climb onto the closing eyes
of a morning glory,
sleeping in the fading light,
waiting for dawn so it can burst open
with all its dignity and splendor.

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