I Am Me

January 6, 2009
I am an acquired taste
a strawberry daiquiri
Unique, colorful, and tasteful to most
To others I am cold and foreign
Flagged red white and green across my face
I am a work of Giorgio Armani
Innovative and indigenous with exploding ideas
Every garment a different texture, a different material, a different feel
I am not a classic black dress
I am a bright exotic pattern dress, overflowing with sequins, and glistening embellishments
I am a runway model in a fashion show full of worldly fashions, one-of-a kind originals, and charisma
Upbeat and sociable
A hip-hop beat
Up and down side
l l
o v er

t h e
p l ac e
Yet, I am powerful and effective
Aggressive and determined
Prominent to the future
Full of leadership, full of ideas, full of potential
I am always growing
Intellectually and physically
Toned but delicate
I am a glass window
Protective when defending
At times, f r a c t u r e d into a million pieces
A broken ankle
Piece by piece, I am put back together
Intact like a jig-saw-puzzle
Solid, although surrounded by others, I am the center of attention
The middle child who will not settle for second best
I am ascending to the top
Almost there, but not quite yet
Click, click, click
My life is a rollercoaster
Full of highs and lows, twists and turns
A ride with tension and release, fear and excitement
I don’t always make sense and I am not easily understood
But I’ve made it this far, all the way to the top
You’ll be astonished, fulfilled in the end
Just like me
I am me.

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