The Passage

January 6, 2009
By Julia Pedota, Thornhill, ZZ

The news came
Like a gush of an icy whisper
On the napes of our necks,
Freezing us into statues
Of stone filled with sorrow,
But undying acceptance of your fate,

Our fate.

Then your arrival
Approached us as clear
As a night sky during a gale.
But the course of your life
Had been won.
You were blessed as
All vessels ought to be.

But again
You started another passage
You set sail
Through unforgiving waters
This only caused your sails
To rise in utter defiance.
We rowed beside you
Bracing every wave.

Then the waters calmed
Once again you had
Been victorious
You are now in full swing.
You have been melting
All the ice in your path
Just like the salt
That you sow
In each person
You touch.

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