Upon Wishes, Dreams, and a Chance for Life

January 6, 2009
You have nothing inside but memories and heartbreak.
You've never felt true love. You've only felt heartache.

What has walked by your side you've taken and used.
This precious thing called 'love', you've taken and abused.

Not knowing right from wrong, you've stained your pure-filled eyes
With sins and tragedies, not knowing the truth from lies.

What you've taken from the world has left you, set you free.
Yet lay low is what you do; Hide, so no one's eyes can see.

But there's something I must tell you that will catch you off your guard.
There is one who watches as your heart breaks into shards.

His name is Jesus Christ, and He's paid for all our sins.
Died for us on the cross, and this is how you're thanking Him?

By taking our Father's Name in vain and losing all your faith,
You're losing touch of God, and you're following a wraith?

My dear know, He can forgive all of your sins.
With the New Year comes a chance. Just put your trust in Him.

Pick yourself up off the ground, or you'll get no where in life.
Put down your jagged shards and drop your rusted knife.

You're nothing inside but memories, of people you've loved and lost.
If you don't straighten yourself out now, you won’t ever.

No matter the cost.

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