open and become lost

January 6, 2009
By Kelsey Britton SILVER, West Branch, Iowa
Kelsey Britton SILVER, West Branch, Iowa
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You cut the string
I am a lie for what your
dirty mind is thinking
I've been eaten by the world
so I would be a fool not to fall
hit the bottom and escape
s'alright now
time to follow
follow you
these eyes turn me into phantoms
elephants are in the room
tumbling tumbling
too bad
there's no real reason you can't
can't take it with you
in rainbows
we / separate
but you are not to blame for
the distractions of pieces
breaking air
yes I love you so you are not to blame
that I never really got there
that I never will
maybe your house of cards will become loose
collapse and be swept under
say goodbye to the Bad Day
I cling because you have a light I can feel it
at the back of your neck
help me wish away the nightmare
I have never seen
red and blue and green your eyes smile close
my thoughts
my way of saying goodbye
no matter what happens now
my faces are leaving you
pulled by a person's negative
she is trying to save me
I am learning how to wish away
my nightmare --
I am a fish.
I am the next step.

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