Carbon Copy

January 6, 2009
By Jodi Goodman, Old Westbury, NY

They feed me lies that are my truth
Force-feed the uncorrupted youth
But I am full with all my pain
It’s all I eat, my fear is to gain
And magazines they criticize
Cause bones are what we idolize
Hot young things hooked on cocaine
We love their bodies not their brain
Girls blacked out on pavement floors
She’s the one this girl adores
She lives the fast life she has it good
She’s sexy and skinny and misunderstood
Shoves her fingers down her throat cause she hates the girl inside
Her emaciated frame is what she hides behind
She knows she’s at the top and she’s scared to come down
But tired of bearing this internal frown
Her cool is caving she’s feeling weak
For once she wishes she were just a geek
Her feet are aching from high heels
Sometimes that’s all she ever feels
Now she’s numb from all the pain
Tired of playing, this outplayed game
She wanted them to know her name
Good or bad it’s fame the same
And she cries the biggest tears
Emptying her until she disappears
She hates the person she’s become
A carbon copy, another one

The author's comments:
I've been writing poetry for a while. I really enjoy expressing myself through my poetry.

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