January 6, 2009
A breath of life and love from the past
Healing a damaged heart
Through the looking glass, down the rabbit hole
Isolation of mind from body
No emotions are real
The beacon of love’s light
The searing pain on your heart
This is where it starts
This is where my soul bleeds
At the crossroads of our destiny
The wheels of time working in a land of confusion
All of this is our fate
Our lives we are destined to lead
Alive in a brighter world now
Less focus on the pain
This is all surreal, a copy of a copy
A dim glow, content and serene
Melancholy martyr to our faint reflection
On the ice gray water, the great sea of broken spirits
The waters of life ebb,
And we are all caught in the flow,
A downward spiral into bleak oblivion

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