January 6, 2009
I laugh as i hit the ground
Yet my smile can’t be found
You’re gone now I'm alone
It’s my fault I’m stuck high on my empty throne
The pain the agony as i feel my frail heart brake
You could have stayed if not just for my sake
You say you loved me
Held not a soul above me
My one mistake made you go
You’re not as devoted as you said so you know
I’m done i can’t feel any more
I let drop my hands and my heart shatters on the floor
I pick a jagged piece of the ruined thing
And drag it up my arm hoping for it to bring
The pain again to me id rather feel once more
But the feeling left with my heart shattered on the floor
I grasp at the pain yet feel nothing more than the cold trickle of blood
Then it all comes back in this painful flood
You enter the room as i fall to the ground
I’m deaf you beg yet i hear no sound
"I love you" the whisper escapes from your deceitful lips
As you graze my cheek with your flaming finger tips
I’m fading so quickly i say "look what you have begun"
"With just three words I've come undone"

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