Hiding Behind a Smile

January 6, 2009
By poetize PLATINUM, Riverside, Connecticut
poetize PLATINUM, Riverside, Connecticut
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Hiding behind a smile
I look back and I see nothing
I used to be so full of life
So loved, so cared for
Now what am I?
Hiding behind a smile
You tell a joke, I pretend to be cheerful
You invite me out and I’m dying to get away from my family
I’m not really happy where I am
I’m just hiding behind a smile
I was never the type of person that goes deep into my feelings
Never the type of person that you could see suffering
I was happy, I used to be
Now, I’m just hiding behind a smile
I smile when I’m happy
But lately, I have only been doing it to hide something
Most people would take care of their situation differently
Most people would do something stupid
But all I do is hide
I hide behind a smile
Everyday is the same
Not being taken seriously
Just taken as a big joke, so all I can do is…
Hide behind a Smile

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