Sweet Divine

January 5, 2009
By Jillian Thurber, Wadsworth, OH

Sweet divine lets in twine . Lets dance upon this silver moon and let the stars be our light . Your eye's glisten and as I listen to your whisper. Your lips brush against my cheek as we dance along this very long street. Your hand in mine is a promise that we will last a lifetime . The rose glisten's as you place it in my hair. Your hand sweep's across my face in the sweetest way. I wont mess this night or our future life up tonight. My lip's will stay tight as my heart flutter's and skip's a few beats. This all must be a dream, this all must be a test of how deep I'm willing to let myself love or how willing I am to let myself fall. Pretty sparkle burst forth with shine, let him always be mine. Rhythm and rhyme all combine they twist and meet and become something new. Our tune is sweet and simple with an under tone of love and lust. We must keep our selves safe from the overtake. Glitter fall's from the sky in tiny raindrop's that soak our clothes, bare skin against hand and fist. Tonight is not a fight against right and wrong but a fight to keep love alive. There are always second tries and several chances. Sweet love of mine lets always remember this time.

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