Bright Golden Baby Waves

January 5, 2009
By Jillian Thurber, Wadsworth, OH

For what makes a person grown? I often wonder while all alone. For now is the time for me to grow up and mature into some sort of human being with a purpose. I am eighteen and long since out grown many of my old things. I remember the old day's when friend's came easy as did laughter and turning upside down on those old rusty school swing's. I remember my dad's face and the kind smile that always came across it when he saw me, his little girl. I remember my mother's eye's how gentle and kind , they brought the grown up world down to my level. I loved the summer time when sleeping in and late night play was all there was for the order of the day. As I get older my need to stay young over power's. I loved my fairy tale's and the taste of cotton candy from the county fair's .I miss being five and the laughter and twinkle of my family around Christmas time. Why does growing up have to be so limiting? I don't want to settle down and forget all about my daydream's. We get to grow old so we can make more room for those that will come. Being young, oh to be forever young. I don’t mean to make growing up sound like such a drudgery but to me, youth was just too sweet. But grow up I must, so my goal is to make my grown up life just as blissful as my childhood. Maybe tomorrow I'll wake up and look into a mirror and say to myself," I think growing up is so worth while." Just maybe my attitude will change for the better. But today and tonight I'll look back upon those day's. Those beautiful day's of sunny sun ray's and bright golden baby waves.

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