My love

January 5, 2009
When I close my eyes all i see is you
When I think of beauty all I see is you
when I dream at night your in all my dreams
When I think about all this I don't know what it means
When I think about it, all I know is that we are meant to be

I know I have told you i love you but now I think I am in love with you
I hope you feel the same way
When I see you at the end of the day I wanna hold you and tell you I love you

This feels like a story book romance
I'm glad you have given me another chance
I better make this one count cause if this one doesn't work out
I guess I must have struck out

I know I'll never feel the same way
About any girl in any other way
I love you with all of my heart
I pray to god that we never part

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ruth said...
Jan. 29, 2009 at 4:03 pm
i think this poem is really pretty and sweet. and i think the girl that reads this would really like it...
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