The reality of life at sixteen

January 5, 2009
By Victoria Forsmo BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Victoria Forsmo BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Love is pain,
Life’s no longer a game,
You’re sitting on the bed,
Holding your head,
While life passes you by,
Drugs consume you,
Your dad abuses you,
Your mom’s shouting,
Your brother’s pouting,
There’s nothing left to do but pack,
You slam the back door,
Shouting you won’t come back.
Options galore,
You resolve to be a whore,
It puts cloth on your back,
While the rude awakening of life his you with a smack,
A few days later you receive a call,
All but your brother died in a brawl,
You drop the phone,
And fall to the stone.
After they caused you all that grief,
You sob with relief,
And the long walk home,
You don’t make a sound not even a groan.
As you reach your former house,
Your brother’s face grim with the loss of a spouse,
Looks up towards your direction with hope,
At last your home.

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