Don't Want to Forget You

January 6, 2009
You're face is fading from memory
It scares the hell out of me
I've built my life around
Trying to be a little bit more like you
It's been two years now
But the pain, it feels brand new
I close my eyes to fall asleep
I try desperately to see you there
In my head, your voice I'm trying to keep
Cause there's never been a better pair
So what happens if I loose you in my sight
And you're gone all together
I hope you've passed to me your fight
Cause then maybe it'll get better
People leave
That’s nothing new
But I’m afraid I’m forgetting
Forgetting you
So what happens
Happens when it’s all gone
People leave
That’s nothing new
But it’s so much different when
When that person is you

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