I Love You, Daddy

January 5, 2009
By Leah Goode, Conway, AR

He was here
Claiming it all
'I love you' he'd say
Until that day.

My father fought her
But of course
My mother lost
Look at the cost.

'I don't love you'
He now seemed to say
I could see it in his eyes
All he is and all he was is full of lies.

'Would you like this-?'
'Would you like that-?'
Buying off his children
Leaving me broken.

He abandoned me
Said 'I love you'
Without even saying goodbye
He left, but why?

I love you I'd say
For always and ever
But when will I receive
All the love I have given.

My heart was open
Willing to forgive
Now it is crushed
A pitiful dust.

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