Don't let go

January 6, 2009
By Lisa Boysen, Battle Creek, IA

Don't ever let go

Of what you hold

Let it flow

With the steady rhythm of beat

Clap your hands

Tap your toes

Do anything

To keep your flow

Inside or out

Let it absorb

Or let it release

Don't let yourself get beat

Strive for the win

Never struggle to fail

Hold your breath

As you plunge in deep

Struggle to stay alive

As you fight the waves

That keeps pushing you back

Help yourself

Make a breakthrough

Don't let yourself be held back

As you broke the waves

You never let go

Keeping a strive

To fight

For your


For your own sake

Don't let your spirit die

That had once


The author's comments:
The inspiration that cause me to write this was of myself and others lives and how many of us do fight but then yet others don't. I wrote it because I want to inspire everyone (including myself) out there to never give up but to find and discover hope and faith for their futures.

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