January 7, 2009
She enters,
Murmuring a few hello’s
Walking slowly
To her seat.

Black pipe pants
And sweatshirt
Hang off her tiny body.
Short brown hair hides
An expressionless face.

She finds a seat
Towards the back.
Sitting down slowly,
She puts
Her knees up,
Tight against her chest.
Bony arms wrap
Around twiggy legs,
As slender hands
Ball into fists,
Holding a heart
shaped ring.

Her face,
Giving away
No sign of emotion.
No glimmer of happiness.
No hint of sadness.
Simply blank .
As if
She were simply
A body with no
Spirit left.

But her eyes,
Her eyes give
It all away.
Every emotion
In her small body.
Every fear,
She fights,
Just being there.
Her face won’t show
The suffering.
But her eyes will.

Her eyes show
A broken spirit,
Inside a small,
Broken body.

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