I Had a Dream

January 5, 2009
By Anonymous

I had a dream,
Where humans could not live as one and divided,
Where many were judged only skin deep
Where prejudice and injustice collided
And only the eyes of the white and wealthy gleam.

I had a dream,
Where by the color of your skin, your fate is told:
Whether you are blessed to live a free life,
Or cursed to fall into a cruel master’s hold.
Black, Latino, daughter or wife
These colored souls wilt away to become grey, lifeless and cold.

I had a dream,
Where the word “equality” was a joke
Where innocent children did not get the life they deserved.
Freedom was chained, tortured and flogged until its resistance broke,
And Justice too was now a quaint delicacy to be served.
These grey souls were zoo animals at which little boys would poke

“I had a dream where my children would not be judged by their color
But by the content of their character.”
Why did these once blooming and vibrant dreams whither?
When will humans become color-blind to one another?

I saw the past and present
As realization began to descent,
That this was not a dream, not history;
It is reality.

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