Broken Miracle

January 5, 2009
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After captivating me for many years, making me suffer with all your so called love and after all the things you've done to me. I returened all the pain you have provided me by going against all the things you've taught me. Which changed your mind to finally set me free. It was a lose win and win lose situation that discouraged me from doing what i did any sooner but im thankfull i did now. You gave me up to my mother after seeing what i was cappable of doing and you got all terrified. Which was the first time i've ever seen you cry, begging me to change my mind of where i perferred to live my life. But i didn't change my mind because i didnt want what was happening since i was two to continue.So now your still begging for me back hoping i forgave you for when you snapped, but like father like daughter. I drive a hard bargain and i wont be broken, so to clear that up for you, it means i aint taking you back. I tried so many times to show you that i just don't care anymore, but you keep coming around the corner trying to alter my mind, but like i've told you many times before...NO! Don't you just give up?? Remember when you made my cry and threatened my life?? Yeah! Just think about that. What do you think my answer would be? NO! I wanted a miracle, but i guess you just won't let me have one.

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Joy26 said...
Jan. 17, 2009 at 4:44 pm
Hey nice job but it's kind of more prosaic than poetic. When you revise this, try putting it in more of a formatted-type of poetry? And capitalize what needs to capitalized. Cool subject matter, though
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