Kindergarten Class Rules Pledge

January 5, 2009
By Kirstin Lynch, Annapolis, MD

We will always do what’s right,
And turn in homework every night.
We will be prepared for class,
And never leave without a pass.
We will turn in work on time.
I’ll only look at work that’s mine.
And when the teacher turns away,
We’ll run and talk and jump and play,
We’ll all move seats around the room.
And we’ll throw paper airplanes,”ZOOM!”
We’ll talk to friends, we’ll stand on desks,
And we will stir up quite a mess.
But when the teacher turns and looks,
We’ll hide our laughter in our books.

The author's comments:
ive learned in many years of writing that you can only write amazing things when your not trying. you can plan for hours and hours and you work will be good, or you can walk in silance just writing what ever comes to mind and your work will be insperational.

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