Memoirs of a Teddy Bear

January 5, 2009
I’m sitting here in your bed
Watching time go by
I can’t see anything out your window
I can’t even look up at the sky

Sometimes I get awful lonesome
And sometimes I just sleep
Sometimes I play with the other toys
But mostly I sit here and think

I miss the days when we were younger
When you used to take me places
Now I never leave this room
No more happy faces

Remember at the dentist’s
When he told you not to cry
You tried to hide your face in me
I guess you were pretty shy

And as you grow older
I hope I won’t be forgotten
Because being stuck up in some attic
Would really just be rotten

Right now I’m stuck here in your room
But I still have a purpose
You come to me with tears in your eyes
To let your feelings surface

I do not moan or groan or whine
I never stare or gawk
I’m the one who you can always come to
Because I just listen to you talk

And when your weeping’s over
And when your sobbing’s through
You’ll hold me tight and ill snuggle close
(‘Cause that’s what teddies do)

You’ve had me since we were little
When daddy bought me from the store
And forever I’ll be your very best friend
‘Cause that’s what teddies are for.

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