January 5, 2009
By Nicholas Hébert DIAMOND, Austin, Texas
Nicholas Hébert DIAMOND, Austin, Texas
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Right from the start start
The Lands of the Earth grew tart tart
And Disdain was the part part
That’d partaken
In the dart dart toward Destruction . . .

Every lark lark
From every park park
Shrieked “Hark Hark
The stark stark
Ends be near near”
“Fear fear and
tear tear
for the spears spears
Of turmoil
Are here . . .” . . .

A Man Peers Peers
At the Spheres Of the night
He clears clears
His Head
To Recall prophecies that said

Infront of him
Conflagration catches a tree’s limb
And he sees
Seas Of Anarchy

And Knew he was no match . . .

In the End
it was 12 a.m.
The fires roar soaring
survivors ignoring
the fighting flames.

In the End
it was 1a.m.
the raging fires run on and on
until He thinks the last of civilization is gone gone. .
The streets a grim.
Prayers in hymn
are overshadowed by hopes a flim. .
The skies afrown
and the Ashes of the End come down
in sheets of white and brown. .
The cities bespecked
and the Last of Sects detect
a building unscathed, foundation unwrecked. .
The Sects:
they contemplate.
they end debate
and then decide to excavate
and then desire to explorate
the structure . .
They sit
They lie in comfort.
The bricks give in
and the beams break from within
And the Place collapses. .
ashes fall fall

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This article has 1 comment.

Joy26 said...
on Jan. 17 2009 at 3:33 am
Such a hauntingly beautiful painting of the Pompeii, it conveys its beauty by the remnants of a civilization overturned. I especially like the rhyming words and repeating. It lends a really cool rhythm to the poem.


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