Emotional Roller Coaster

January 5, 2009
By iluvtrac5 SILVER, Fort Worth, Texas
iluvtrac5 SILVER, Fort Worth, Texas
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Life is up then its down

Then a repeat of the same thing

It seems as if its too much going on

Can I still fulfill my dreams

Are my goals unattainable

Or are they in my grasp

Should I go ahead and give up

These are questions I have to ask

Ive been fighting for who knows how long

But there seems to be no end in sight

People say its almost impossible

Maybe what they say is right

For some reason I still want to be that person

To rise above it all

Everyone else has given up

But I don't want to fall

I would like to be an example

For those who come after me

A positive example that is

One that they can see

I want them to know its okay to be smart

Because knowledge will get them ahead

And also that its ok to be original

Don't go off of what someone else says

But what if you've been at the top so long

Where people want you to fall

Theyre all waiting on you to fail

They want you to drop the ball

But then there are others

Who expect so much of you

As if you can do no wrong

Like you wont make a mistake a time or two

So what do you do

Do you keep going or not

Do you conquer your fears

Or do you just stop

Theres this little voice telling you

You've come too far to turn back now

You have to keep going


You have to find something that motivates you

And let it help you keep on

Joy will come in the morning

Hopefully the struggle wont be long

Stuck on this emotional roller coaster

Here I sit and think

If a pen and my life were one in the same

Then my pen has ran out of ink

Its kind of hard to stay encouraged

When everything is going wrong at the same time

Up and down not a way to live

It really messes with your mind

Sometimes I just wanna say forget it

I mean why not everyone else has

But then I go back to wanting to be an example

Not wanting to be like those in the past

So again on this emotional roller coaster

Up and down I go

I try to fast and pray but things get worse

Sometimes I just don't know

I do have faith

But sometimes the enemy tells me its not real

I know not to believe that

But occasionally that's how I feel

I hear everyone telling me

That im going to have to go through sometimes

But how much is enough

A question constantly on my mind

Im not afraid of a challenge

Ive been able to endure a lot

But how long is too long

On this emotional clock

So what do you do

When you think you've done all you can

Even when youre down

You still want to lend a helping hand

Then there are times

When life is going great

Not quite cloud nine

But somewhere between seven and eight

Then something else happens

Steals your joy like a thief in the night

Just when you thought everything was okay

Nothing is alright

I heard it was just a test

That in time you will make it through

That all bad things don't come from the enemy

Well how do you decipher between the two

Either way youre supposed to pray

Read your bible and pray more

Sometimes that just doesn't seem to work

It doesn't seem to even the score

Hopefully ill get off this ride

On my two feet where im in control

But until then im just sitting here

Up and down I go……

The author's comments:
At the time it just seemed as if nothing could go right, then when things finally started going my way, it changed again, and things were worse than they were before. Im better now but at the time I needed to get thigs off my chest. This is to let anyone going through an emotional crisis know that they arent the only ones and it will get better.

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