January 5, 2009
By Kawthar Mazouz, Constantine, ZZ

You're a true friend
You're here till the end
You make it alright
You even talk to me into the night
What can i tell you dear BFF
You know how to make me laugh
Together we have so much fun
Together we shine like a golden sun
Our special hug and sweet kiss
And all those things that i would never miss
With you,sorrow goes away easily
You really know how to help me to live happilly
You're the one who knows how to inhume my blues
You're the sweet little angel that i would never loose
You're a special girl
You're one of a kind
As your tender touch i could never find
I need you all time with me
You're a peace of me,i will love you eternely
Life is not too long it's a blink of an eye
I hope we'll share it together You and I

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