Love for teacher

January 5, 2009
By Kawthar Mazouz, Constantine, ZZ

I guess that it's easy to be a teacher
But i'm quiet sure that it's hard to be like you
You're the classroom president
You're the generation builder
You're my darkness breaker
You're happiness creator
When i'm with you
I know how to get faith in me
You are my street light
You are also so bright
Because you win every fight
You make it all clear
And when i see you near
You make angels appear
To tell that you're always right here
You are my beloved teacher,you're my best friend
You're the one i need to care and understand
You're the one i need to hold my hand
You are my sweet legand and my fabulous land
You're always here to teach me
How to sweem the greatest saes
How to climb highest trees
How to ignore my sad tears
How to forget my sad tears
You have never taught me how to win
You've already taught me how to chase my weakness
How to kill my selfishness
How to look for greatness
I'm sorry i can't keep on writing
Really i'm speechless
I can't never be careless
You have taught me how to be proud of my self
You have taught me how to do
You've guided me to make it all throught
For you :
I'm singing my gratitude
I'm painting on scholl walls thousands of "thank you "
I'm writing a childech poem
Maybe it doesn't get so many rimes
But it doesn't tell stupid lies
It's painting you innocent smiles
By the way,
You taught me how to pain smiles
How to touch high skies
How to read between the lines
For you my teacher
I will do my best ,I'll never give up
I'll be strong and I'll never step up
I wish if i could tell you how much
I appreciate your efforts
I wish if i could confess
My gratitude and love to you
I wish really that you believe that
You have built a small girl's life
With Love

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