Earth in all it’s Beauty

January 4, 2009
The day drains away
Slowly the sun sets
The moon rises to the sky,
The stars move into sight,
Smiling down on me
The night life rushes
As beautiful lights touch the sky
Unknowingly, I admire their magnificence
Yet, I wonder what is happening below them
Aimlessly, my eyes wander across the sky
Night erodes into day
The lights turn off,
The stars fade into their sleep
The moon stops smiling
And the sun wakes up
She caresses Earth with her warmth
Wrapping us in a blanket of light
Children play in her beauty
Women bask in her rays
Laughter fills the air,
The smell of flowers blooming swirls around noses
As we float from season to season
The Earth is no longer stuck in a wintry state
Now, he is filled with beauty, activeness, and warmth

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