Its not you, Its me

January 4, 2009
By Angelica Martinez, Miami, FL

She walks over, as the look her face explains what I might already know.
Her lashes drape over her eyes as I blink back tears,
I wont let her see all the pain she’s inflicting, as my heart prepares to let her go.
With each step across the wooden floor my distress begins to show,
Her sweet lips whisper the words I’m too frightened to hear.

With clenched fists I feel the room around me spin
My heart pressed against my chest begs for a reason
Memories of unalterable mistakes come flooding in
My face cupped between my hands with tears against my skin
My ears fill with her piercing words of treason

My pleading eyes ask her to stop, as my lips beg her to stay
But her face is unforgiving with a suitcase in her hand
I take one last glance for there is nothing left to say
My life flashed before me in one instant, blue skies above turned gray
Soon an empty space where she now stands

I treasure her gentle touch against my cheeks before an abrupt release
Her fingers move down to my hands with shame
She quickly squeezed my fingers as she turned with a look of defeat
She moved toward the door when my heartbeat ceased,
Before she turned the knob she murmured my name

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