This is Me

January 4, 2009
The world has eyes and I have mine
and even as I stand here
you can’t see the color of my skin
or the leaves on my trees
I’ll walk barefoot in the sand
but to find me is impossible
So untranslatable to be invisible?
Detach your eye from the telescope
and let your mind wander the obscurities

I am where the night whispers it’s arrival
An indescribable confusion of dusk
The sun and the stars loom above
on an auburn canvas
I am a whirlwind of ideas
and my pen can’t find enough ink
to write them down
I am too young for broken dreams
and yet I find myself staring
at my past of jagged glass

I can watch the sunset and know
there will be another day
That is what I live for
-another day and another night
I can lift my head and still
watch my feet
I will be the beauty in the sunrise
and the star in the horizon
that no one is audacious enough
to explain

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dreamer said...
Jan. 18, 2009 at 1:23 am
this piece is phenomenal! my favorite lines were those about being too young to have broken dreams and yet, finding yourself staring at your past of jagged glass. The writing is focused and portrays wonderful meaning within the poem.
I love it!
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