January 4, 2009
By Teyana Hudson, Clinton, MD

Troubles carries heartaches,
The taste of a stress-free life,
Something close,
I can almost touch it,
Holding back,
Scared to move foward
Because these snakes bites,
The thought of not being worthy,
Caused by the lack of faith,
Powered by the fire below,
Rich with wisdom,
Poor with stupidity,
GRowing from all mistakes,
Weak once was,
Broken but blessed,
A life unscripted.

The author's comments:
The picture I choose was very touching to me. I hope that you understand the poema nd the picture. I choose this picture because when you are reading the poem you can picture a person looking out a window wondering what life would be like if there were no problems. The poem was inspired by a poetry contests that my mother had to participate in and she needed a piece of poetry to recite. I couldn't think of anything else but the problems that I had been going through.

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