The Happy Sadist

January 4, 2009
By Angelica Martinez, Miami, FL

You’ll be happy to know you’re the reason my heart is so cold
and the inspiration for my verses is your cruelty
you break me
and take me
to a place dark enough to feel like im being suffocated

You’ll be glad to realize you’re why I turn away from others
and when I wake from my nightmares its you I wake from
you haunt me
you taunt me
and still laugh when my head falls on the floor

You’ll smile when I say im forever defeated
and I don’t plan on picking up where I last left off
you make me
then hate me
and still you look at yourself and are proud of who you are

You’ll celebrate when I tell you im eternally lost
and the closer I get to being found the deeper into my labyrinth I am
you told me
you’d hold me
but when I reached out there were no arms to save me as I fell

You’ll cry with joy when I end my vengeful song
and you’ll dance to the sound of your own laughter when I am gone
you killed me
you spilled me
and what remains of me are ashes blown away by a cynical wind...
Your voice.

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