January 4, 2009
By Claeren PLATINUM, Lakewood, Washington
Claeren PLATINUM, Lakewood, Washington
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Winter comes like a soft blanket
Wrapping the world in snow.
Like a fleece it cuddles me
It's silence comforting as I sleep.

Spring comes like the dawn
It's light shining upon new growth.
I watch it from my window
As the rays brighten the day.

Summer appears like the sun of midday
Shimmering rays beam down
And I capture their warmth in my skin
As I slip away unseen.

Autumn slips by like the light in the evening
Whispering in the red-gold of the trees.
It's sighing wind is like music to my ears
As I watch the sunset pass.

And so my time passes forever.
Each season like another day
As I wander the forests of my home
And live on, the last of my kind.

The author's comments:
This poem is from the view point of an elf. I got the idea while watching a Lord of the Rings movie and I soon had the poem written down, though that was only a rough draft. The "elf" is trying to describe how each season is like a passing day to it, how lonley it is with no one else of it's kind, and yet how happy it is to be able to see all the beauty around it.

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