A tango with the worst dancer and dinner with worst date

January 4, 2009
By Nicole Holmes, Chicago, IL

They say “trials are only going to make us stronger.” They say “this too shall pass.” They say “the pain is only temporary. Well I don’t know what rock “they” live under. I can tell “they” have never met me. “They” were right about this making me stronger. But for now I guess I’m stuck in a tango with the worse dancer. Love can’t dance to save its life but I want to be the partner. I started a tango with love and so many different times love has stepped on my toes. If only love stopped wearing golf cleats when we danced then maybe love’s dance would hurt less. But somehow, I still get back up and attempt to dance with love. Love is the worst date. Love doesn’t listen to what I say. Love is rude to me. Love is impolite and to top it all off, loves breath stinks. But yet I call love every Saturday night to hang out or go out. Love is terrible to me. Love hates my guts. But yet in still, I want love so badly. Love just may never love me.

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