Chicago Dreams

January 4, 2009
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They lay awake, dreading what the next few hours would bring.
Teardrops danced down her cheeks as she clenched onto her ring.
She put her head on his chest and looked at him in despair.
Who knew that their Chicago Dreams were ever so rare?

As he ran his fingers through her hair, she held on to him like he was about to disappear.
Their song came to an end.
Despite how many times she pressed repeat, she knew their time to part was coming near.
He comforted her that no matter what happened he would always remain her friend.

Distance could separate her from him,
But if she let 975 miles keep them apart she would be committing a grave sin.
He would drive back to Wisconsin, and she would fly back east
But Chicago would always remain the place they were joined by the sweet priest.

Her kissed her gently, she hesitantly let go and grabbed her bag,
Looked into his green eyes one last time and sat down in the cab.
She rolled down her window, he promised he would wait,
Perhaps reuniting in college would be their fate.

Until the day comes when the world stops for them to meet,
They will forever have their Chicago Dreams to keep.

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