A night with you

January 4, 2009
By Danielle Rothstein, Avon, CT

Hands skin and heartbeat
Blood, veins, and body heat
Instinct, carnal instinct
And pressure pressing out
I can’t remember in words, only in touches
Stroking, beating, twisting
Thriving, thrashing, thrusting
You came into me with the kindness of a hurricane
And your pretty blue eyes were locked on mine
Pupils grow dilated, whites turn all bloodshot
But the central color never changes
Because they're the tinted window
to our injured souls
Mine was sucked out , I think, when our tongues touched with salty blood
I bite; I don’t kiss, because I’m not that kind of girl
In fact, I’m not any kind of girl at all
I’m an animal, a species all onto my own except for you
Because you expected nothing less, only
So much more than what I had to offer
Those little baggies aren’t filled with tangible substance, but with stale air and wishes
And I couldn’t grant yours because you’re not here anymore, but
A thousand miles away inside your elsewhere
and all i had was a night with you

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on Jan. 14 2010 at 6:51 pm
ShernayB. DIAMOND, Southfield, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"Some things will never change"---Tupac

Whoooooooa. Scary, but awesome! I love it!!!

Check me out please. Comment and rate my work if you wish. Thanks!

on Nov. 13 2009 at 2:56 pm
AbbotRabbit GOLD, Abolana, District Of Columbia
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Favorite Quote:
This poem has great flow and insight.
I really enjoyed it.
Lovely poem darling =]
-Please check out the works that I have posted on here it would be highly appreciated and I think you would greatly enjoy them, Thankk youz-
XxIll tell you Im an orphan after you meet myy familyXx

I loved this poem darling

I added as a favorite

Zero_K DIAMOND said...
on Nov. 12 2009 at 4:25 pm
Zero_K DIAMOND, Moosic, Pennsylvania
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"Life's no fun if you're not insane, otherwise you grow up to be an accountant." -Moi


-Blessed Be!


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