Growing Up

January 4, 2009
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growing up,
growing older
some get smarter
others bolder
i don’t want to let go
i don’t want to let go
of being right here.

moving on,
moving up
leaving old lives
for something “better”
i don’t want to change
i don’t want to change
being right here.

left alone,
left alone
not leaving
not moving
i’m still not changing
i’m still not changing
being right here.

you all move on,
you all move up
ready to grow up
and get out
leaving me alone,
leaving me alone
right here.

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Paig3Cagl3 said...
Nov. 13, 2009 at 2:58 pm
This poem has great flow and insight.
I really enjoyed it.
Lovely poem darling =]
-Please check out the works that I have posted on here it would be highly appreciated and I think you would greatly enjoy them, Thankk youz-
XxThe Whole Time You Were Talking I Didnt Hear A Single Word You Said B/C Th3 Whole Time You Were Talking I Was Picturing You DeadXx
Zero_K This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Nov. 12, 2009 at 4:30 pm
I absolutely love this! It speaks to by heart, though I can't pin point a reason.
-Blessed Be!
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