Notes on an Addiction

January 3, 2009
By Anonymous

I take my seat in the plush velvet flood of the theatre
I have waited for this a long time
The lights dim
Phones are turned off, Playbills are stuffed in bags
The overture begins and excitement bubbles up inside me
The curtains separate
I am transformed to a different world
I stay completely transfixed
As a story unravels in my presence
Colorful light bounces off my face
Performers welcome me into their home with their belt
The music consumes me
I marvel at that last note
There’s nothing like this feeling
A wave of simple happiness overcomes me as I stand to applaud with the audience
House lights come up and suddenly, strangers expect me to make a mad dash to the door
I am sorry to leave the cozy theatre so soon
Forced into cold, gloomy Manhattan
I walk through the cold night wind and glance back at the marquee
As I walk through Times Square, the show replays in my mind
I reluctantly start to rummage through my bag for a train schedule
The natural high is ruined until next time

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