January 3, 2009
By Emma Carol, Knoxville, TN

This here lies the spirit of once was, who's soul has been cast away to a not- so- pretty place. Her heart is shattered and broken and torn. But the body still remains. This lonely, broken soul was once happy, though. When the sun would come out, she would run all around to a joyous tune. Big smiles and friends all around was what she was all about. Now all the happiness that remains in that girl is when she is around the one thing that always brightens a day: Him. He is the most beautiful and majestic soul of them all. He can make that very sad girl turn happy again, if only for a minute. She's his friend, and if he's happy, she's happy. But if something goes wrong, she becomes worried. He is the reason for the spirt of once was, and the heart that is shattered and broken and torn. But she loves him more than her own soul, so she forgets about the spirit of once was... Just for the sake of being happy.

She loves Him.


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