Free Falling

January 5, 2009
By inkprincess GOLD, Cumberland, Rhode Island
inkprincess GOLD, Cumberland, Rhode Island
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"Sometimes I hear my voice and it's been here, silent all these years" -Tori Amos

look at me
my falling star
can't you hear
i'm crying
i know you'll never
save me now
there's nothing
to do
it's too late now
for me to change
i'll never be
that strong
but keep me here
don't let me go
i'll wait
if you
don't give up now
my falling star
can't you see
i'm smiling
there still is hope
dont turn away
don't close your eyes
to me
i know this is
my final flare
this burst of light
my ending
but for a time
i'm bright as you
and eyes will turn
to me
don't leave me here
my falling star
i haven't said
i'm sorry
you never heard
you never tried
to listen
to my dreams
we're fading now
we can't keep uo
it's you and me
free falling
the velvet sky
is turning pale
but my eyes are dark
with you
you're tied to me
my falling star
i can't escape
your silence
you're out of sight
beyond my reach
my fingertips
the world rests on
my shoulders now
this truthful mirror
i can't let go
can't look away
or i'll be left
don't hate me yet
my fallen star
i'm standing by you
the bridges burn
the cavern yawns
just one thing
to do

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