counting to ten

December 29, 2008
By Amber Justice, Hamden, OH

One piece of paper
Two single words
Three strands of hair
Four tears to shed
Five minutes to spare
Six friends to count on
Seven wounds to heal
Eight terrors to feel
Nine angels singing
Ten step to a new path

The author's comments:
This poem I worte right after a break up with a really great guy. When I worte this i did not know the meaning but i do now

IT mean
1 piece of paper to write a note
2 single words GOOD-BYE
3 strands of the girls hair
4 tears when she says good bye
5 minutes to get where she going
6 friends to help her through the break up
7 wounds is 7 pieces of a broken heart
8 terrors to feel lying awake wondering what she did wrong
9 angel telling her everythings allright
10 steps to a new path

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