Puzzle Peices

December 24, 2008
By Anonymous

Does he like me?
Or does he not?
My mind as open as the sea
I’d would’ve never thought…

It’s quite sad
How one doesn’t know
It’s also quite bad
To have to keep it in stow

Things can get a little out of hand…
Nothing seems the same…
Out with your one army band
Love is no fun game

Self-centered freaks
Can ruin a good day
But if you let something leak
There will be nothing left to say

So do we humans hold it in?
Or do we let it all out?
Throw our feelings in the trash bin
For one to discover about…

Why can’t things just be simple?
Not difficult and hard to deal with
As easy as popping a pimple
But that would just be a myth

So in closing
How can people be so puzzling?
Like a magazine model posing
Letting my emotions down the drain guzzling

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