Winters Night

December 18, 2008
By Shannon Gracie, Shelton, CT

The sky so bright
the ground so white
a glitter of silver a glitter of gold
the gentle breeze that's all so cold
a glimmering crystal so bright that falls
as the sun fades tonight and calls
to the stars that shine so bright
oh wont you come, come out tonight
slowly they awaken and begin to appear
that's when the magic becomes so clear
as each star passes the night
and the glitter of dimonds reflects the soft light
the feeling of peace is oh so nice
as the ground, untuched,as smooth as ice
you can hear mother natureso gently say
come my children laydown, now lay
for in this night
is your blanket of white
so upon your bed
you may rest your head
and in that blanket tucked warm and tight
so peaceful the world will sleep tonight

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