December 15, 2008
By Jourdan Vickers, Champaign, IL

Did you know she was dying? I asked mommy dear, cause I heard her crying so perfect and clear. I went inside to see what was wrong and she all she said was she didn't have long. Through the days her eyes lost sparkle and her hair was all gone. My heart kept on telling me that it was so wrong. How could god make it so a long lived life she wouldn't know? The doctors couldn't repair the damage that was done. The hardest thing she had to do was tell it to her son. He cried and Begged mommy don't leave. She couldn't hear him to much pain to grief. On the night I stayed with her she simply took my hand, she told me listen carefully and try to understand. "Im ready to go towards the light Im and im leaving tonight." " we did all we could and we put up a fight, living like this just aint right." So that night when I went to bed i said a prayer inside my head. God give her angle wings to fly, hold her hand and help her when she cries. I fell asleep and woke up next day. I ran to her room a corpse in the bed. No more spirt she was dead. The oddest thing about it all was the grin on her face that said it all. God gave her angle wings she flew up to heaven. With all the shiny white things. No more cancer no more care. I just hope she'll meet me up there.

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