Forgiven, Forgotten

January 9, 2009
By disneychix92 SILVER, Long Beach, California
disneychix92 SILVER, Long Beach, California
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I waited in the darkness of the evening, waiting.
Thinking deep in thought of my past.
Things I wish I should have done and things I wish I hadn't done.
Then someone comes from the horizon, from afar.
I look carefully, it's the person I was waiting for.
The person approaches.
He talks to me about my past.
He says something to me, words of hope I was longing to hear, "My daughter, you are forgiven."
He starts walking into the horizon.
I yell out to him with grateful tears streaming down my face, "Good-bye Jesus. I love you."
He turns around and says, "I love you too."
As I watch him walk into the dawning morning horizon, I forget about my past, because Jesus forgave me.

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