From Friends To Strangers

January 8, 2009
It's funny how people change.
one day their your best friend,
and the next total strangers.
you love them, but you hate them.
you awalys want to be around them,
but when their, there you can't wait

to get away.
It's hard to see a person change

right before your eyes.
Change into something you don't like,
while they dont even notice.
How can a person you have known for
so long, change into something so

While the way you feel about them

slowly melts away,
but the way they feel about you

stays the same.
You try to tell them how their

but they just don't understand.
While you know the friendship you
once held is falling to pieces in

your very own hand.
You begin to drift apart,
and you know this in your heart,
but its hard for you to say...
That your friendship is slowly fading


and soon you will go

From friends to strangers.

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